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Laundry Box Install Project

Laundry rooms are usually small areas, so the best use of space is critical so that the washer and dryer appliances fit correctly. This enables you to have a good working area when doing laundry.

Improperly installed plumbing can take up unneeded space in this tight area.


Date of completion



Project type

Laundry Box Repipe & Install

Client Location

Simi Valley


Highsmith & Daughters Plumbing Inc.

Project description

This customer had a problem where the waste pipe for their washing machine was installed out of the wall, causing the back of the washing machine to not be set against the wall (see the first mage).

To fix this, we removed the old ABS plastic standpipe that was installed improperly by the previous plumber. We then ran a waste line inside wall along with the hot & cold water lines.

We then connected all three lines to a new recessed laundry box. The customer now has their washing machine flush with wall with a cleaner look.

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