The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

Resting on top of a slightly elevated hill in Simi Valley, California with stunning views of the vast mountainous landscape and the Pacific Ocean, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is undoubtedly one of the most iconic destinations one can visit in USA. The library, which is 45 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles and 25 minutes from The Santa Susana Pass State Historic Park, gracefully sits of a 300-acre piece of land. It is home to a number of permanent exhibitions and archives documenting the values, actions, and aspirations of Ronald Wilson Reagan, America’s 40th president. Of the 13 federally run presidential libraries in America, the Ronald Reagan Library is by far the largest.

Here are some of the most important sections contained in the monumental Reagan Library:

The Archives

The Archives section is where Ronald Reagan’s speeches, missions, and other activities are documented. Here, there are more than 60 million document pages, 1.6 million photographs, thousands upon thousands of audio & videotape files and more than 40,000 artifacts.

Air Force One Pavilion

This pavilion on the Reagan Library houses the actual aircraft, with tail number 27000, which flew 7 of America’s presidents. A visit to this section of the library will give a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to step aboard the very same Air Force One which flew President Reagan to 26 foreign countries and across 46 US States. Just imagine how
special it can be.

Oval Office

This part of the library contains a full-size replica of White House’s Oval House, decorated the same way as it were during Reagan’s presidency. Each president that’s in office is allowed to decorate the Oval House as he wishes. And President Reagan was inspired by Western art and a range of earthy colors with a collection of bronze saddles and a jar of bellies on the desk. A quick peer into the room will allow you to see how exactly a president’s formal desk and workspace looks like. And Ronald Reagan’s
office is as beautiful as it’s awe-inspiring.

Berlin Wall

The collapse of the Berlin Wall in November 1989 marked the advent of freedom and democracy in the larger Eastern Europe. And President Reagan was honored to be part of this historic event. A visit to Reagan Ronald’s Berlin Wall section is an opportunity to learn more about the collapse of the wall and pay tribute to the president whose acts were truly heroic.


The Memorial Site is situated on the western portion of the Library, just a few meters away from the Berlin Wall as well as the White House South Lawn replica. After passing on in June 5, 2004, President Ronald Reagan was finally laid to rest on June 11, 2004, at the iconic Reagan Library. And when Mrs. Ronald Reagan passed on in March 6, 2016, she was laid to rest on March 11, 2016, just next to her husband.

The Reagan Library hosts a celebration each February 6th to mark Ronald Reagan’s birthday on the Memorial Site. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton of United States places wreath on the president’s gravesite, the military plays patriotic music and does a 21-gun salute. This event is usually open to the public and is absolutely free of charge.

Secret Service

This section of the Reagan Library documents the history and responsibilities of America’s top federal law enforcement agency: the Secret Service. Initially created to investigate counterfeit currency, right after the civil war, the service has grown tremendously and now deals with protecting national and visiting foreign leaders and carrying out criminal
investigations relating to the financial infrastructure of the nation. A visit to this permanent exhibit can really give you an insight of what goes on in the service.

Regular Museum Hours

The Ronald Reagan Museum is usually open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. throughout the week. It’s only closed on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas and New Year’s Day. Learn more about The Reagan Library in Simi Valley here.

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